Coaching is experienced as a life-changing experience that dramatically improves your perception on work and life while improving leadership skills. I experienced coaching as a powerful tool that help me tap into my potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity. My personal journey with coaching began back in 2013.  Moving forward a couple of years, one of the best international coaches, Valorie Burton announced the online coaching program; I was astonished! and immediately signed up and was able to accomplish one of my biggest life objectives: Become a certified coach.

What can you expect from every session? 

Nostra focuses on quality sessions for individuals and professionals who want to further develop themselves, make a switch in their career or want to grow. Our coaching sessions are a thought-provoking conversation that awaken your creative side. The sessions intend to inspire, support and empower you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Serving as a coach brings me joy and pleasure.

Personal development coaching offers a unique way to DISCOVER your strengths. During these sessions the focus is on your development in general and your unique path of growth. The coaching focuses on where you are presently and where you are headed and helping you gain clarity about your vision.

The core purpose of career coaching is to help you assess your professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion. Career coach is perfect for professionals looking to make a career transition, whether short or long term, including guidance on their professional development and job search. During these sessions the solution-oriented approach is practiced and it involves working towards concrete steps you can take to achieve your career objectives.

Executive coach is offered to leaders, managers or directors as an empowerment tool. Experience sessions of high self-awareness during our tailor practice sessions. As the coach, the focus is on understanding the current competencies, how the executive is being perceived in the professional environment and to focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those professional goals.

Coaching for organization Executives

Today’s junior and senior executives, high potential executives, directors and managers are facing increasing pressures to perform whilst dealing with complex challenges. Whether you need a program designed for specific individuals or your senior teams, the executive coaching program is the perfect tool of support. The program guarantee to support and empower their individual and operational capabilities. Resulting in greater performance and higher impact in the organization. Moreover, an increase on the contribution towards the strategic objectives of the organization is part of the experience!

Speaking & Teaching

Lunch and learn

Business people and groups can hire Nostra Growth to do lunch and learns on site at their offices. Attendees bring their lunch and feel free to eat and listen to a short, but powerful presentation where I encourage them to listen for that one thing that they can take away and immediately take action on. We present a lot information into a short time and keep the energy high, encouraging questions, input and conversation.


Panels of all sorts and objectives is being facilitated with great questions and the audience involvement.

Workshop and Trainings

Workshops and training’s are designed and run based on John Maxwell programs and materials. Any idea or request? We can work together to create something amazing! The main goal for the workshop is for the audience to enjoy the topic, get engaged and to leave with a breakthrough, an idea to take out into the world.

Excellence Services

Growth and Success

Innovation and change in this dynamic world are celebrated at Nostra! We offer professional Interim Services in Financial services and Project management with over 10 years of professional experience.  Our prime  responsibilities will be to complete the tasks as required by our clients providing our BEST service possible. If you are looking for an Interim Executive; Nostra is able to go the extra mile and add value to your organization by improving your organizational effectiveness.

Learning & Development

New ideas and practices are changing the world. It is very important to keep developing your organization and your  team so you can accomplish great things! Nostra, in representation of a passionate leader recognizes the job to consult and coordinate with your Human Resource Department  in order to identify capability gaps that are impacting current and future business strategies. After assessing the situation Nostra will develop an appropriate learning curriculum to meet the business needs including process design and solution based on experience and best practices.


During the presentations a connection with the audience is assured to help them engage and feel comfortable. There will always be some “aha moments” in the presentations along with concrete information that allows an effective learning process. Let’s talk about the possibilities because we are capable to deliver something great!